The Inspirational Journey to Success of Dr. Mohammed Akheel and Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan

The Inspirational Journey to Success of Dr. Mohammed Akheel and Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan

Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan always had an entrepreneurial mind-set. The first milestone of his life was in 10th standard in an RTO where Mr. Muneeb had come with his father who was getting his dad's licence renewed. There he saw many people standing in queue, giving excess money than what was to be given to get their licence done. Those men were taking advantage of people’s needs. That is when Mr. Muneeb single handedly decided that he will help the people by charging them a nominal fee which was required for those people to get their licence by which he can even save for pocket money. He did this good deed in which he was successful. Later on he completed his diploma in civil and safety engineering, while he was studying he had different ideas for a start-up Dr. Mohammed Akheel, inspired by his father’s work, was humanitarian in nature, he lost his father at an early age. He spent his time doing certain part-time jobs before and after PU college hours, like in the early morning he used to deliver newspapers, evening did odd jobs in a pharmacy. From these earnings he somehow managed to support his family. After passing 12th grade Mr. Akheel tried hard to get into a college, he got admission into PES college of engineering by getting a loan and studied computer science

It all started when these two great minds happened to meet, shared their ideas, and then became business partners. In 2012, they started their first firm, "Bright Groups," while in college. They used to supply bags and uniforms, and they were very successful even before they were graduated. Until now, they had never seen back in 2016. In 2016, both of them founded a drink named "Thanda Natural Soda," and in 2017, they founded packaged drinking water by the name "Amber." In 2018, the business duo started a software and web development company by the name "1 Help Technology & Software Solutions Pvt Ltd." Also in the same year, they opened another company, "1 Help Technocrats and Innovations Private Limited," which is supporting many young entrepreneurs and creative innovations, and also started their real estate venture, "Antique Constructions and Builders." Later in 2022, they started Broccoli International Pvt Ltd. As a result of their success, they have employed over 200 people in their company. They are advisors and strategists for many reputed companies too.


Apart from the business and the entrepreneurship, both the partners have been doing philanthropic works. In the brutal 2019 Karnataka floods, they helped the people with food and medicines. During the coronavirus pandemic, too, they contributed to the PM relief fund. Both of these role models, Dr. Mohammed Akheel and

Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan, have also been responsible for providing water for 14 villages and 2625 homes at 1 rupee per litre. And they also helped two schools in rural areas, 29 mosques, and 33 anganwadis with free water supply, and also at the 75th celebration of the Independence Day, in the "Amritmahotsav," they were part of the joy ride organized for the Cancer Kids Aid Association, whose last wish is to board the plane with many more contributions, the list goes on and on. So they have millions of blessings from those people to fly higher and higher each year.

Karnataka’s young entrepreneurs and philanthropist’s duo Mr. Mohammed Akheel and Mr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan were awarded Doctorate in Strategic Management, Marketing, Sales and social service by the World Human Rights Protection Commission, approved by the Government of the United States of America. Dr. Mohammed Akheel and Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan’s approximate net worth has been estimated more than 22 million dollars. Dr. Mohammed Akheel and Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan were also conferred with Bharat Gaurav Ratna ShriSamman Parishad approved by Government of India.


Dr. Mohammed Akheel and Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan had also been awarded with



  • “India Icon Award 2019” for their services in the IT Sector in Karnataka


  • “India Excellence Award” in 2019 for the fastest growing software service provider in south India


  • “International Goal awards 2020” Kathmandu


  • “Young Entrepreneur of the year 2021”