The art of balancing life through Yoga

The art of balancing life through Yoga

Yoga has always been considered a process to attain spiritual enlightenment and spread the message of peace among the people. A beautiful way to tackle every situation and imbalance in life, Yoga practices are now present among us for century-old traditions emerged from the teaching of ancient Vedas to maintain a healthy lifestyle through natural practices.

Balancing life through Yoga has helped many people overcome life's difficulties and has inspired them to maintain a healthy balance between work and leisure. In this process dedicated to the betterment of people, Gandhi Smarak Prakritik Chikitsa Samiti, or GSPCS has played an integral part in maintaining the essence of a healthy lifestyle through Naturopathy and Yoga services.

According to health assessment reports, nearly 80% of workers are stressed about their job and are concerned with finding ways to deal with them while 25% of workers have felt like screaming or shouting because of high-stress levels triggered by certain aspects of the workplace. Naturopathy and Yoga have always been the most effective solutions for people dealing with stress. Practicing Yoga can reduce stress as it focuses on relaxing the body and mind, making an individual deal with the hardest of concerns in the most efficient way and relaxing way.

To evolve and systemize career training in Naturopathy and Yoga, the foundation for the company GSPCS was laid back in 1950. The company has been actively working for over 25 years to make people aware of the philosophical importance Yoga has on us. Practicing yoga regularly can help release tension from the body, alleviate stress, and releases happy hormones like endorphins which make an individual much more cheerful and ready for another workaholic day.

Work-life balance is a big problem for this generation, and while everyone is stressed out and bored of living like a robot, regular yoga practice has helped them find calm and improved their productivity as well as their mental and physical health. The secret to inner calm has always been breathing exercises and meditation, and after practicing them for several days, people can find it simple to deal with common problems.

In the office, efficiency is key, and if employees are stressed out and not functioning well, things will be tough in any circumstance. Individuals' emotional and physical health as well as their productivity at work will both be improved by improving how their lives function.

While yoga can help you deal with stress, naturopathy deals with other health problems, such as a healthy diet, clean water, exercise, and many more. These aspects of the body can help you remain calm in every situation and prevent getting worked up or tired every time.

Yogichakra, A unit of Digiglance solutions affiliated with the Gandhi national academy of naturopathy offers Yoga Education and training programs like NDDY, Diploma or doctoral programs in yoga and naturopathy, in online and offline modes with centers of more than 2500 all over India. The company is very professional and committed to fostering a deeper appreciation of yoga’s exotic significance in daily life, or more specifically for work-life balance. It will guide you through the most wonderful tradition associated with yoga. Through the institution, people can comprehend and uphold moral principles and the wider, life-altering features of nature-defined therapies, enabling them to gain practical knowledge of these aspects.

Mr. Pariitosh Mallik, the company's creator, and owner, holds a degree in Yoga Sciences and has over 10 years of expertise in planning businesses and launching growth excellence initiatives. He has extensive experience in teaching and training corporate employees and teaching and training institution holders in areas such as sales, project mapping, and delivery, operational excellence, human resources, business services, and people engagement as well as cognitive psychological development. He has worked in a variety of industries in both the Indian and international markets.  He is certified in Green Belt Six Sigma and Disaster Management Program from Safety Circle USA., and Lead/PACE Programmes (Leadership and Corporate Employability Training) certifications from Safety Circle USA.

In addition to being the owner of  Yogichakra academy of Naturopathy, a division of GSPC, he is a top-notch business consultant who has worked with major corporations including Tech Mahindra, Accenture, Marg ERP, and Henry Harvin Education. Mr. Pariitosh won a gold medal in the MBA program for international business and was recognized as the best trainer of sales and operational staff.

GSPCS has been making constant efforts to encourage people to accept yoga as a lifestyle and move along the flow to establish the groundwork for a perfectly balanced life. This encourages individuals to live healthier life away from all the trouble and stress.

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