Ms Jayashree Thilagarasu, Founder & CPO, Shero Home Food

Ms Jayashree Thilagarasu, Founder & CPO, Shero Home Food


In a world where Entrepreneurships are meant only for Business. Here’s a story of a lady who is striving for a change in Society through business


Ms Jayashree, an MBA graduate found her way toward Hospitality & Food. Being sprouted from an Entrepreneurial family. Ms Jayashree was always fascinated by Entrepreneurship. Through her 15+ Years of Journey, across many other businesses, she enjoys and tackles challenges without a smirk on her face. A composed and compassionate woman who loves leadership and food.


Currently, with Shero Home Food She has and is transforming the lives of a simple homemakers not just financially but socially and culturally.


Moment of Inspiration

In 2014, Jayashree shook hands with her husband in the pulses business. From there, a D2C opportunity aroused, The Concept of “Farm to Fork” which paved the way to produce fresh food from fresh ingredients produced through their pulses business. Seeing the enormous success of the pilot project, immediately expanded to 6 other restaurants. As a true businesswoman, her thirst did not pause there, she continued to explore other divisions of the Hotel Industry, which is fine dining. The Concept of “Leaf Meal” was a hit. 


Unfortunately with the evolution of trends and consumers, operations & sustainability were questioned. But, it was just the business which had to fall, not the heart and mind behind it. Within a couple of months, Ms Jayashree witnessed the market gap in the home food industry. That thats the beginning of Shero Home Food.


Shero Home Food was conceptualized starting in 2019. The idea of giving home food from the homemakers itself was the foundation of what everything is today.


Notable Success

Shero is a stage for the humble homemakers that would help them to transform their entire family’s lifestyle for the better. It's a platform for housewives who are waiting for an earning opportunity from the home. 


Shero home food is the world's first-ever branded Home Food platform. Initiated in August 2020, from Chennai. With Shero, now 500+ Home Makers, across South India, are cooking and earning just from their Kitchen every single week. 


Shero is a simple home food marketplace. But unlike other home food platforms, Shero does not go with whatever menu item the homemakers cook. Instead, Shero trains the homemakers with a standard set of Shero Menu. This is the Shero Food Technology which helps homemakers to become super chefs. Shero’s Food Technology is a revolution in the home kitchen industry. 


Shero Food Technology has been crafted in such a way that its built from 20+ years of experience of the founders ( Ms Jayashree Thilagarasu ) along with the versatile touch to adapt to the “Instant Lifestyle”


The homemakers require no big qualifications or experience to become a Super Chef or the Shero. The Kitchen partners of Shero are enriched with skills that will help them to do a business of their own. The Homemakers are making up to Rs. 30,000 per week. Shero has helped so many women and their families to transfigure their lifestyles. 

Shero also brings a cultural change in the mindset of the people. Being in a society, that still Women is dominated and looked down upon in all aspects. Shero changes the situation of a family through the homemaker. After Shero, there are many homemakers who become the highest earning member of the family and their spouses also become the strongest support for the homemakers. This helps the women to come out louder and stronger than ever.


Shero Awards

Shero Awards is Unique. It is not yet another fancy or fascinating award show. It an award from the sheer hard work, dedication and determination. It’s a recognition for the silent pillars of every home. Its a new identity for the women of our homes. 

Shero Awards is distinctive and has a beautiful story behind it. Its always said that “Nala saapadu senja kaiku thanga valayal podalam” - The Shero Icon represents the same. And we are in a society where cooking is not part of a prestigious profession irrespective of the gender though we all love to explore food. Its always looked down or unaccepted. In order to change that, the most used and important equipment of the kitchen is designed part of the award. 

When it comes to awards, its always based on the skills that an individual owns and when they excel in a particular field, then the necessary award has been give. But at Shero, Shero is the one who teaches and trains the kitchen partner in the culinary skills and also teaches about how to do a business, the entrepreneurial skills. And shero enables each and every one to earn through various venues. And now the purpose is fulfilled when the sheros are also being recognized for their hardwork.