Mr. Lakshay Dangi: Transformation of self-confidence to real fortune by true effort

Mr. Lakshay Dangi: Transformation of self-confidence to real fortune by true effort

When there is a will, there is a way and innovative minds are born to win through their authentic techniques and technical aspects of functionality. Mr. Lakshay Dangi is also carrying a creative mindset that triggered him to chase the power of entrepreneurship and banged the stage with his practical approach.

He got his reputation to build as the founder of a company known as Dangi enterprises Pvt ltd at the age of 18 and recently crossed 19 with more confidence in dealing with the crucial steps in business.

He was born on the 2nd of April, the year 2003, and spent his childhood in a very protected and loving environment of family. He was inspired by his father, the Late Shri Surender Singh Dangi, who has kept the foundation of Arya Sr. Sec school (nursery -12 th CBSE)Madina Rohtak, Haryana. His father was the Managing director of the school along with Mr. Ashoke Dangi.

Mr. Lakshay Dangi was also get included in the process of the institution as Assistant Director. Ten deserving students are getting the fellowship from the institute on the kind mercy of their father from the year 2018. The educational organization was built in 2000 and became 22 years by this year.

Mr. Lakshay was broken badly by the death of his father on 5 October 2017 but assembled himself for his family. The tough time taught him the reality of life but gave him the courage to face challenges to defeat. He carried his professional responsibilities along with his ongoing studies. Even though the struggle was not so easy for him but he is a strong personality and gets adjusted to the growing need of his surroundings.

Anyhow he did his dedicated efforts to secure 95% in his class 12th boards from his school and further got admission in B.A from the University of Delhi. He is pursuing his 2nd year(B.A) of education and now continued there. He enjoys playing outdoor games such as volleyball, golf, and cricket.

He is a car guy. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't take games seriously and he has proved that each piece of work in which he is included gets accomplished with sincerity by grabbing the gold medal in National Championship held in Mumbai.

He has fixed a goal to work in the correct channelized technique with his unique process and that plots his perfection in shaping his grounded future with hike-up profit graphs. In continuation to his recent planning, setting up a new company in Dubai also took a corner by default. Get in touch via the social media contacts at: and