When everything was shut down, during the era of covid-19, where people are filled with emotions, facing different aspects and problems of society. People are keen to look for their entertainment sources, they wanted to feel alive, and they wanted to feel loved. They want someone to express their feelings, someone who understands their emotions. Divyansh exactly did that, his poetry devasted a huge amount of audience or should I say, more than 50 million people were surprised and felt relieved by his work.

His poetry was viral all over the internet, leaving the youth of India surprised by his sensational work. Expressing the emotions, the depth of his lines, and the choice of words are just extraordinary. His work- ‘Hote honge auro ke dost, apne Kuch Bhai Hua karte the,’ left us nostalgic and made us realize the importance of friendship in one’s life. We all had great friendships in our life but we tend to forget with time, people seem to be busy with their lives, with work but still, the fact remains the same that strong friendship does not require constant conversations, the need is to be there for your friend.

This message was perfectly delivered by him, most lovingly and tenderly. His words make the audience feel the emotion, and the depth of his words makes it get viral. He started working from the age of 19, completing his first book and then entering the era of poetry makes him an extraordinary part of the youth of India.

Poetry is the best possible way one can elaborate their feelings and tends to figure out what he wanted to express and the need for constant emotions is highly required. Divyansh, being a young poet un understands the true depth of these emotions and makes the audience happy with his amazing piece of work. In a lockdown, when people are allowed only for a few shows, his show was a hit. His words mesmerized the audience and make them understand the importance of friendship. He was ready to express his thoughts through his amazing work.

Being a young poet creates an impact on society and the youth of India always amazes us with their amazing work. Just like divyansh, you could also become an inspiration for people, just by being consistent.


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