Aarya Sufiana Empowers Women to Awaken the Kali Within

Aarya Sufiana Empowers Women to Awaken the Kali Within

Aarya Sufiana, the Embodiment Based Spirituality Coach, has been making waves in the world of women's empowerment and awakening the inner Goddess within them. 

Her journey began in 2010 when she started leading events in USA, after studying Creative Arts Therapy. 

Since then, she has been conducting events and workshops in India, mainly in Himachal Pradesh and Goa, for her international clients including Europe, Latin America, Israel etc. 

In 2019, she hosted the Shakti Fest in Goa, which was a huge success. Women from many parts of the world had come to attend this fest. It was a closed door event where Aarya showed women the true meaning of empowerment and awakening their goddess. 

The event was a roaring success that during the lockdowns she started getting requests from people to conduct programs online as well. 

Aarya's approach to empowering women is very unique and effective. She believes that by tapping into their myriad Goddess archetypes women can find their strength and true purpose in life. 

She believes that every woman has a powerful Kali, sensual Aphrodite, wise Sophia within them; to bring them out she combines Psychology, with creative arts and Feminine spiritual practices, it’s only when women are in touch with their femininity, she believes, can they AWAKEN THEIR AUTHENTIC POWER. 

In today’s age where everyone talks about gender equality Aarya’s mission to help women become empowered. 

Her Embodiment Based Spirituality Retreats and Coaching is a blend of yoga, meditation, dance, creative arts and Tantra that help women connect with their bodies, souls and spirits. 

It’s a highly skilled coaching where she makes women do lots of experiential practices which helps them connect with their feminine energy seated deep inside them. 

Aarya's work has not only inspired many other coaches to follow in her footsteps but also offer similar services to their clients. 

However, Aarya was the trendsetter in the industry, and her work continues to influence and inspire others in India & worldwide. 

When we asked Aarya what she thought about various coaches teaching the subject, she said that she is happy that people are becoming aware and teaching about such things. 

However, she would have felt proud if the coaches did more in-depth research, understood the psychology and philosophy behind the teachings. 

Many women who have worked with Aarya Sufiana have reported feeling more confident, empowered, attracting immense abundance and connected to their feminine energy. 

Many women have gone on to say that the experience was not only enlightening for their soul but they never felt more alive after learning with Aarya. Her coaching sessions are a safe space for women to explore their inner selves and unlock their true potential.

Aarya's impact on the industry of feminine empowerment and spiritual coaching cannot be overstated. As more and more women become aware of the power they hold within themselves, we can expect to see even more coaches like Aarya Sufiana emerging in the future.

Aarya's journey as an Embodiment Based Spirituality Coach has been one of empowerment, inspiration, and trendsetting. 

Her work has influenced many other coaches to follow in her footsteps and has helped countless women to awaken their inner goddess. 

In coming days, we can expect to see Aarya's influence continuing to shape the industry of feminine empowerment and spiritual coaching.